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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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AV Music Morpher Gold
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    Product Name :  Music Morpher Gold 5.0
    Version :              5.0.59 (Updated in Aug 2014)
    Release Date :   May 2010
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    AV Music Morpher:
  Your versatile yet cost-effective music gear.  Price : $29.95 - $19.97
    AV MP3 Player Morpher:
  The only MP3 player that can morph.  Free

Product Overview
AV MUSIC MORPHER GOLD 5.0 makes editing audio and doing DJ tasks just a snap. It is packed full of powerful features including a brand new virtual DJ, a new Converter module, a multi-track recorder and editor, a whole suite of professional effects and our famous patented vocal Remover and Extractor. The DJ module helps users do simple DJ tasks such as re-mixing songs, adding sound FX, adjusting channels, EQ or any one of the hundreds of included studio-quality effects. The Converter module helps convert multi-format audio files more quickly and conveniently. The Morpher module and Advanced module are newly combined, and a new compact player mode are only some of the great improvements in this version 5.0 for the convenience of the users. The program is promising to turn any humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio, giving users the power to make their own pop songs, funky hip hop, or DJ remixes. When a user has finished his masterpiece, there's a ready-to-use CD burner for him to burn his favorite songs to CD and share them with his friends.
Key Features
Brand new virtual Easy DJ newly created and integrated in the package for DJ fans to do DJ tasks without effort (NEW)
All-in-one Converter module newly created for converting multi-format audio files more quickly and conveniently (NEW)
Compact Mode supported for simple playback anytime you need it (NEW)
New Morpher module developed by combining the former premium Morpher and Advanced modules to bring users more convenience (NEW)
Remover and Extractor for removing or extracting the vocals or music from stereo songs (results depending on recording quality and embedded effects)
Powerful Wave Editor for chopping, combining and tidying up any audio file
Multi-channel Music Mixer for mixing music and vocals together to make funky, unique hit songs (working with whole songs or edited clips)
Effects Mixer and Editor for adding and combining studio-quality audio effects for optimal quality and amazing new sounds
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Main Benefits
Doing DJ without effort with  brand new easy-to-use virtual DJ built-in (NEW)
Converting multi-format audio files easily and conveniently with just a few clicks (NEW)
Switching directly between Compact mode and Full mode anytime you want (NEW)
Switching in no time between the library of simple audio effects and the library of advanced audio effects (NEW)
Extracting or removing either the vocals or music from stereo songs
Mixing songs, vocals and sound effects together to create new and unique songs
Possessing a premium wave file editor
Enhancing the quality of your entire music collections better than you ever thought possible
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Featured Users

Image-Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez - "Music for a party? You need more than just a CD or MP3 player."

Music is an essential part of any successful party. I had been thinking a lot about how to make the music and the atmosphere of my upcoming party exciting and totally unique; but how could I do it? A DJ could be very expensive; just letting the CD or MP3 player do the job would be so boring. I do need something more than that...
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Image - Hamish Robertson

Hamish Robertson - "Music Morpher Gold does everything I can do in the studio... without the studio."

The Gentle Art of the Serenade
For the last 8 years I've worked as a freelance record producer and sound engineer and before you ask, no, I haven't worked with anyone famous and no, I can't make a CD for your young Bennie who's just started playing the Harp but is "very good" and "even better" just after he tunes it... For those of you out there who think record production is all about fast cars, girls and mountains of money, please allow me to provide a reality-check... Read more

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