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What is VST ?


VST - Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg - is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizers and effects plug-ins with audio editors and recording systems. VST uses digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware through the use of software only. VST plug-ins are generally run within a digital audio workstation and provide a custom graphic user interface displaying controls similar to the physical switches and knobs on audio hardware. Thousands of plug-ins exist, both commercial and freeware, and VST is supported by a large number of audio applications (a.k.a VST host), including Music Morpher from AVnex. A VST host is a software application or hardware device that allows VST plugins to be loaded and controlled. There are a wide range of VST-compatible hosts available; some of the most popular include Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, etc. As stated above, AV Music Morpher is also one of them.   


If you are a computer savvy musician but not yet familiar with VST technology, it is highly recommended that you should start to get acquainted. It can help cut down on your equipment costs and potentially streamline your recording and editing processes.


For more information on VST, please click here.


How to install and use VST plug-ins with Music Morpher Gold


Remember, VST plug-ins are NOT standalone software, they usually come in the common form of “dynamic link library” (.DLL) files. There are many quality VST plug ins, both commercial and freeware. You can find a lot of free VST plug-ins on Internet and some of them could have high quality. This page provides step-by-step instruction on installing VST plug-ins, and how to load them into AV Music Morpher Gold. So, make sure that you have already installed a copy of Music Morpher Gold on your PC or laptop. Then just follow the steps below:


Step 1: Download VST plug-ins
• You can search for free VST plug-ins by either using Google or visiting the following sites:
Download and save VST effects on your PC.

Step 2: Import VST plug-ins into MMG


If you only find zipped files (.rar), you need to extract those files, then:

Copy downloaded VST  plug-in files (*.dll).
Paste the files into your VST folder manually, which the installation folder of MMG (Often, it can be located at "C:\Program Files\AV Music Morpher Gold\Effects\VST”).


Step 3: Run Music Morpher Gold

You can run Music Morpher Gold software by either:

Click on the MMG icon on desktop.
Go to Start > Programs > AV Music Morpher Gold > AV Music Morpher Gold


Step 4: Open Advanced module

Open Advanced Module to show the VST plug-ins, which you have just loaded into AV Music Morpher Gold.
Click the Advanced button (1) on the main panel to open Advanced Module.

Step 5: Add files to playlist

 You can import files easily by 4 ways:

Click on “Open” button (1).
Click on “Open from library” button (2).
Click on “Add files to playlist” button (3).
Click on “Add folder to playlist” button (4).


Step 6: How to use VST effects with Music Morpher Gold:

Click on “Show/Hide tree of effects”  icon on the menu tab to show tree of effects. Then dropdown the list of effects and select VST (1).
• Dropdown the list of VSTs. Then double-click the plug-in (2) to open it.


After the VST Adapter box appears, you can adjust the parameters on the Ferox plug-in (as shown in the image below).
For example:
To create a reverb vocal using the Ferox plug-in, turn the “Feedback” (1) knob to the right about 65% and then turn the “Tapespeed” (2) knob to the left about 35%. Now, you can hear the main vocal coming first and a reverb vocal coming right after.


Note: Only audio VST plug-ins are supported in Music Morpher Gold. MIDI plug-ins are not supported.