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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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FEATURED USER - Miguel Gonzalez


Image - Jennifer Whitlow

Miguel Gonzalez - "Music for a party ? You need more than just a CD or MP3 player"

Music is an essential part of any successful party. I had been thinking a lot about how to make the music and the atmosphere of my upcoming party exciting and totally unique; but how could I do it? A DJ could be very expensive; just letting the CD or MP3 player do the job would be so boring; I do need something more than that. Then, on the Internet, I found out about Music Morpher Gold 4.0, a cool music software program. I downloaded it, I could not wait to check it out, and discovered it could easily help my party be more exciting than ever with its many unique features.

Let me tell you, guys, and you will really want to try it. Music Morpher Gold 4.0 and its cool library of effects made the music of my party more exciting than ever. I can tell you that music will never be quite the same again. Just imagine what it can do with just one click: change a small room into a music hall, move you under the sea, place you on a mountain, in a cave, or almost anywhere while youíre still sitting there enjoying music. Hey, don't tell me it isn't great because, guys, it really rocks. Just let your imagination fly and rock your world. You can be your own DJ by adding a wide range of music effects such as Techno Word, Sticky, 3D Sound, Alien, Artificial Echo, etc., and in real time.

Moreover, the program helps me edit multiple songs or music clips at the same time in a multi-session wave sound window. I can combine my favorite music clips together to create your own unique music. Be your own DJ just once with Music Morpher Gold 4.0 and you will agree that itís a great software program.
If you are in the music industry or know about sound technique, then youíll want to explore the wealth of available special effects. They are so easy to use and control, youíll be making new music in no time.    
Music Morpher Gold 4.0 also integrates an enhanced surround sound player system. It supports many surround sound systems, including 4.0, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1, with many surround environments preset for you to choose from. Including Theater, Stadium, Concert Hall, Arena, Big Room, etc., just choose the preset surround environment most suitable for your speaker system.

If you want your party to be awesome and outrageous, I highly recommend trying this fantastic music software. Music Morpher Gold 4.0 will surprise you and your friends with its smart and creative musical effects combination and its versatility. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when they hear you modify the music in real time. Everyone will have a great time.

Believe me!
Music for a party? You need more than just a CD or MP3 player.

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