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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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AVnex Ltd. Releases Free MP3 Player Morpher

Sep 6, 2007 – AVnex Ltd. has just announced the official release of their free multimedia software MP3 Player Morpher. Users can now download the software from

Unlike previous releases, the new MP3 Player Morpher build--v4.0.51 is a freeware. This means users do not need to pay as much as $34.95 any longer.

Louise Anderson, Music Morpher’s Brand Manager, told us, “We’re very eager that MP3 Player Morpher is now totally free. We expect the download hits will increase quickly.”

She added, “The new build has seen a lot of improvements. Moreover, our members are now allowed to use the limited features in the Plus version of the previous build.”

Louise and Music Morpher line’s developers hope the new release of MP3 Player Morpher will please their users in many ways. With advanced morphing algorithm, MP3 Player Morpher excels other free programs in editing music.

With a huge library of cool and unique sound effects, MP3 Player Morpher can suit the needs of not only recreational but also professional music editors.

In addition to being a software for editing music, MP3 Player Morpher also supports their users to burn music to CDs/DVDs, rip music from CDs to hard disk, and organize their favorite music with organizer.

Especially, the Funny Space module will connect users with other members of the same favorite. Users can download free ringtones, free funny sounds, free audio clips, etc. right from the program.

Download MP3 Player Morpher securely from CNET at

At the same time, Music Morpher and Music Morpher Gold are also updated with new builds. Users are now allowed to test all the products’ features in 15 days. “We hope this move will help users estimate our products better, and it will lead to increase sales to us, too,” said Louise hopefully.

Users can go to to upgrade their music morpher now.


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