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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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Funny Space is a module, which allows you to download and play stuff from our website It was designed to let our customers join the fantastic world of funny sounds, images and jokes. This module has the web-browser (where the webpage is displayed) and two sub panels: RSS list and Media list (where you can adjust and control download process)
Step 1: Install .NET Framework 2.0
To operate the new module .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required. Left mouse click on the indicated link and the web-page with this software will get opened in your Internet browser. When the web-page opens just click on 'Download' button and save it on you PC. Then install it following the instructions of your InstallShield Wizard. Now you can open AV Movie Morpher and enjoy the new model's advantages.
Step 2: Operating Funny Space Browser
Click the Funny Space button to open the Funny Space mode. The Funny Space will automatically connect to the Home page of Funny Space.
If you point the cursor on the top left corner of the web browser the navigation bar will come up. There are five buttons on this bar.
Back - to go to the previously visited Web-page

Home - to return to the Main Page

Refresh - to reload the current Web-page to the browser

Stop - to stop loading a Web-page. It could be useful if a web-page loads too slowly, or when your PC "hangs" while carrying out this operation

Forward - to go to the next visited Web-page

All the buttons listed above function as in other Internet browsers, so it makes Funny Space very easy to use. Yet, there are some specific buttons located on the two panes (to the right from the Web Browser), which require detailed study.
Step 3: Using RSS link to download Funny Ringtone.
After the main page is displayed, click the Funny Ringtones reference.
After the Funny ringtones page is loaded, scroll down for the list of ringtone categories.
There is a small Open/Hide button on the left side of the joint panes, clicking on it will open or hide these panes
Drag and drop the RSS Feed to the RSS List Pane to examine all Funny Ringtone or click one of these categories to move to specific ringtones and use the other RSS Feeds. Every category contains the RSS Feed to let you download ringtones easily.
After drag and drop RSS Feed to RSS List Pane, you can check the box of the RSS you want to get information (1) and press Process RSS Feed button (2). The name of the Funny Ringtone will be shown in the lower pane. Check the box standing before the funny ringtone you want to get (3).
Click Download checked button to start download funny ringtone. A dialog box will come up to ask you to indicate the place to store the ringtones and name the playlist of these ringtones.

Indicate the storing place, name the playlist and then click Ok to start downloading.

Now you already have a huge library of funny ringtone for your mobile phone.