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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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FEATURED USER - Kanchan Changder
Image - Kanchan Changder Kanchan Changder - "Music Morpher Gold 4.0 comes with plethora of functions and utilities."

The Experience
I am Kanchan and right now Iím pursuing my MSc in Distributed Computing. Professionally, I am a software developer so exploring new programs and their details plays a very important role for me as both a hobby and in my profession. From a very young age, I had a strong inclination towards music. I picked up on instruments like keyboards, and also started singing in many some live musical shows.
I tried recording songs in my own voice with musical tracks, but it was challenging. I always wanted to edit music tracks in my own way, and then mix my voice with it. While researching software that could do this, I came across Music Morpher Gold 4.0 and downloaded the free basic version. I was able to mix lot of sound effects, extract voicesÖpretty much everything Iíd been struggling to do previously. I was amazed by the quality of sound output and the functional options packed in this software. The interface was very simple and easy to use for the beginners, so in very little time I gained considerable expertise in maximizing what the software had to offer.

The Need
My strong attachment to music means I always need the best software possible to edit music, and extract voice samples. By using Music Morpher Gold 4.0, Iíve been pleased to find itís a solid product for any musician, singer, or composer. It certainly serves the need of a singer who requires lot of music tracks with the help of the softwareís voice removal mechanism. On the other hand, itís also useful to extract voice from a song, edit it, use fill effects and then remix to release a new version of their songs.

The Edge
Music Morpher Gold 4.0 comes with plethora of functions and utilities. Besides having a smooth and very attractive user interface, I think the software also has a leading edge in its voice extraction and removal/filtering mechanism. The central voice filtering mechanism for voice removal implemented in this software is one of its most valuable assets, with strong features showcased it its surround sound playback and compatibility. It helps the users to customize a large range of surround sound configurations, and supports 4.0, 4.1, and even 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 7.1 front ranges of speakers.

The Bottom Line
Excellent Voice Removal Mechanism, and a compact user interface with multi-channel sound editor, plus outstanding sound effects.
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