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Cnet"…AV Music Morpher Basic works quite well as a standard MP3 ripper, CD burner, and audio converter, its wealth of audio effects make it really special…"

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FEATURED USER - Jennifer Whitlow

Image - Jennifer Whitlow

Jennifer Whitlow - "I thought of entirely new ways to enrich my curriculum with this program."

Jennifer Whitlow has taught college students music for years. She had to rely on her search skills to find some of the songs she wanted to teach, and sometimes it would take so long that she’d dread the thought of coming up with a fresh curriculum the following year. Often, she felt that something was missing in her lessons. It was becoming an increasing challenge to keep students interested, with the prevailing feeling being that they were being lectured, and not really able to participate much.
While at a conference, Whitlow spoke to a colleague about the issue of student engagement, and was recommended a program called MusicMorpher. When she returned home, Whitlow purchased her copy and played with the features for a few weeks. “I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “I thought of entirely new ways to enrich my curriculum with this program. I teach so many different facets of music in my career, there’s literally something for every class I teach.”

Enriching student films
One of Whitlow’s classes teaches appreciation for movie soundtracks, some of which can be very difficult to find. She saw the tutorial for capturing a movie soundtrack and found her quick answer to an ongoing problem for older movies. New music was infused into lesson plans she was concerned were getting tired, and word made it to the film students. “Students I’d never taught before would drop me an email saying they heard I had this program that might be able to help them.”

After meeting with a few of the film students, she showed them the tutorial, and their eyes lit up when they saw all of the options. The films that were struggling for decent voiceovers and true surround sound couldn’t get enough of MusicMorpher. “They just kept finding more reasons to use it,” says Whitlow. “It gave their films a sense of credibility that they never had.”

Better presentations
Another area of noted improvement was when students would do presentations. The voiceover options and effects took otherwise stagnant fare and allowed students to overlay music with vocal commentary. Some of them had a little fun with it as they messed around with the features, and created duets with their favorite rock stars for the rolling credits at the end.

Whitlow’s students found that the program was helpful even beyond music class, using it to record voiceovers for other school projects, or creating karaoke for parties. Some relied on it totally for creating CDs with matching covers for the music they were producing in their basement.

Music for everyone
“What I cannot get over is how easy it is to learn this program,” exclaims Whitlow. “I’m not a technical person at all, but the interface is beautiful, and the tutorials they offer are really first-rate. There are so many features I’m still discovering them!”
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